Using HQ as an admin

Manage your organization with Admin/Owner specific settings.

Owners and admins have access to organization wide settings which include “Users,” “Customization,” and “Integrations” pages. 

  • Settings - manage your organization
  • Users page - change roles and permissions for users in your organization
  • Customization - set default brand colors and add rules to your organization's style guide. 
  • Integrations - connect your HQ account to Slack, Teams, and SharePoint
  • FAQs

Note: Features marked with a ⭐ require an upgrade from the Essential Package. Review our packages here.


How to to access settings:

  • Navigate to “Settings” located on the far left menu bar
  • Here you can view the “Users,” “Customization,” and “Integrations” pages. 


In the “Users” page you can view all users in your organization and manage roles and permissions. Role options include owner, admins, or members.

Owners and admins have access to:

Members have access to: 

  • Series that they’re specifically invited to 
  • Create a series (with owner/admin permission)
  • Invite other users to the organization (with owner/admin permission)
  • Access directory sync (with owner/admin permission)
Go deeper: Visit our roles and permissions article for more information. 

How to change a user's role: 

  • Find the user via search bar or scroll
  • Navigate to the “Role” column 
  • Use the drop down to change role

How to change member permissions: 

  • Find the user via search or scroll 
  • Click into the user profile to view their profile
  • Toggle on/off the desired member permissions

Senders have access to: 

  • Edit series, send tests, send the edition to its audience, and adjust the permissions of other collaborators on the series.

Writers have access to: 

  • Edit series and send test editions 

How to change writer/sender permissions for a specific series: 

  • Find the user via search bar or scroll
  • Click into the user profile to view all their series
  • Navigate to the “Send permissions” column 
  • Use drop down to change permissions 
  • To remove a user from a series completely, select the trashcan icon.


In the “Customization” page you can set default brand colors for all series in your organization and set up style guide rules to keep your communications on brand. Org members can override default brand colors in their series settings. 

⭐ Note: Secondary and background colors requires an upgrade from the Essential Package. Review our packages here.

Go deeper: Rules added to your style guide will appear in the Smart Brevity suggestions in the editor. Visit our Style Guide article for more information.

Integrations page

⭐ In the “Integrations” page you can connect HQ to Microsoft Teams, Slack, and SharePoint. Simply hit “Connect” for your desired integration to get started. 

All series page

Admins and owners can view all series in their organization. Navigate to “All series” located on the secondary menu panel to the right of the “Plus sign” icon.

Pro-tip: If you do not see the “All series” button the secondary panel may be collapsed. To expand, navigate to the arrow in the bottom left corner. 


How many admins can an organization have?

There is no limit to the amount of admins you can have. 

What’s the difference between an owner and an admin?

The only difference between an owner and an admin is that only an owner can grant or remove the owner role. Each organization must have at least one owner. 

How do I become an admin? 

Please reach out to a current owner or admin for your organization to request admin access. 

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