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Using Organization Style Guide and Language Check

Create your own style rules or add prebuilt language packs to keep your comms consistent and inclusive.

Table of Contents:

Organization Style Guide

Your comms should reflect your unique company culture. Org style guides allow you to do just that! Admins can create rules for specific verbiage, and HQ will automatically find and suggest replacements to those words according to your rules

How it works💡: 

  • Navigate to “Settings” in the left sidebar and select customization
  • Scroll to “Style guide” and hit ‘Create rule’
  • Input a keyword, the replacement word, and optionally add a description. 
  • Hit “Create rule” to save ✅

Once saved, when the keyword is used in the editor a suggestion to use the replacement word will appear in the Smart Brevity panel. 

Language Check

Language Check makes it easy to uphold your organization's commitment to creating a supportive, safe, and inclusive environment for all employees. Language Check flags unintentionally hurtful words and suggests more inclusive alternatives in your Smart Brevity suggestions. 

  • The Language Check feature is available to add on to any organization’s subscription.
  • Reach out to your Account Manager or help@axioshq.com to add on 

How to manage Language Check: 

  • Once turned on, admins/owners can navigate to "Settings" in the left sidebar and select "Customization."
  • Scroll to the "Style guide" section to find Language Check packs. Open the packs to browse their contents. 
  • Use the toggle to enable or disable desired packs. 

How to use Language Check in the editor: 

  • When a Language Check keyword is written in the editor, it will result in a Smart Brevity replacement suggestion along with context for that rule. 
  • Recommendations can be accepted or dismissed for the rest of the edition. 


Can anyone create an org style guide rule? 

No, only admins have the ability to create rules. 

How can we check that the rule is live?

You can go into your editor and type in the keyword and check your Smart Brevity panel to see the suggestion. 

Can a writer still opt out of using the suggested replacement word?

Yes, the writer does not have to accept the suggestion. 

What categories of Language Check recommendations are there to choose from?

Language check has six recommendation categories — all enabled by default upon add-on purchase.

  • Class Sensitive Language
  • Disability Sensitive Language
  • Gender Agnostic Language
  • LGBTQ+ Inclusive Language
  • Racially Inclusive Language
  • Xenophobic Language

Who can enable or disable Language Check?

Admins and owners can enable or disable individual Language Check guidance packs within "Organization Settings" > "Customization."

Will writers be able to dismiss Language Check recommendations?

Yes, any specific recommendations are dismissible by writers for the remainder of their edition.

How can we turn on Language Check?

Reach out to your Account Manager or help@axioshq.com to add Language Check to your subscription. 


Have any questions or feedback? 

Feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or help@axioshq.com with any questions. You can also submit feedback directly to our Product team here