Using directory sync to keep your series audience up to date

How to access your directory in HQ

If you have synced an existing directory to HQ, you can access it by going to your Audience page and selecting “Manage from directory” from the “Manage recipients” dropdown menu in the upper right corner.

This will open a pop-up menu that displays the groups and individuals from your synced directory. Search and select whichever groups and individuals you would like to add to your audience, then hit the “Update audience” button to add them to your series recipient list.

⭐ Directory Sync requires an upgrade from the Essential Package. Review our packages here.



If you can’t find the group you’re looking for, make sure you’re searching by the group name and not a distribution email alias associated with the group.

  • For example, if you have an “Employees” group that you can also send to using an distribution list, you have to type “employees” into the search bar; “all-staff” won’t pull it up.
  • Additionally, make sure you’re adding the group to your audience from the “Groups” tab and not the distribution group alias email the “Individuals” tab. This will ensure that each of the members in the group will be read as an individual recipient on your edition.
  • If you send to a group alias, such as, everyone in the list will be consolidated into a single recipient, and skew your analytics.

The bottom line: As individuals are added or removed from your directory, your audience in HQ will automatically update to stay synced with your directory.