Using HQ's Premium branding and customization features

Showcase your brand's unique look & feel


Axios HQ's Premium suite of branding and customization features offers you more control and creative flexibility over the communications you send. Below, we break down each feature and how they work.


Logos and Banners

Add your company’s logo or banner to your intro card. 

To upload a logo or banner:

  • Navigate to Settings > Design to access series branding
  • Select either a logo or banner
  • Upload your image. Use the image cropping tool to size your banner or logo to the optimal image specs. You can review the Optimal Image Specs here.  
  • Pro-tip: Use the ‘Preview Series’ button in the top right corner to see how your banner or logo will look. 
  • Save changes ✅

Branded Colors

To customize the colors of your series, you can select one primary color, two secondary colors, and a background color.

To set your series' brand colors:

  • Navigate to Settings > Design to access the color options.
  • Input your hex color code it in the designated text box.
  • The primary color will be used for the title, buttons, polls, and block quotes and the secondary color can be applied to buttons and all other text within a card.
  • You can also choose from four different background colors that are various shades of your primary color. 

In the editor, you can apply colors to your text by navigating to the A icon in the toolbar and select from your color options. 


To add a button, simply click on the plus sign icon in the toolbar of the Editor. A window will pop up, asking you to provide a title for your button and the link it should direct to.

  • You can select the color of your button from your primary and secondary colors. 

Image Layouts

You can create an image collage and use it as the featured image or include it within the text of a card. You have two image collage options to choose from: side by side or a 2x2 grid. 

To use a collage as a feature image:

  • Click 'Add image collage' at the top of your card and select your preferred option. Then, upload photos directly from your computer files.

To insert an image collage within your text:

  • Click the photo icon in the editor's toolbar and choose the collage option. 

Image dimensions:

  • For the side by side collage, aim for image dimensions of 296px by 296px or a 1:1 width-to-height ratio.
  • For the 2x2 grid, go for 298px by 170px or a 7:4 width-to-height ratio.

Pro tip: If you want to keep the collage for future use, don't forget to check the 'Save collage to uploads box.' 

Card-level banners

You can now use a banner or an image for a card headline. To do this:

  • Add a feature image how you normally would, by selecting an image or collage at the top portion of your card.
  • Then select the 3 dots on the top right of the card and click ‘Remove Headline.’

The feature image will now replace the headline and render as a banner at the top of that card.

Headers and buttons


Font size

There are three different font size options to create hierarchy in your card.

  • To change the font size, navigate to the toolbar, select the "Tt" icon, and select the size that's the best fit.

Custom fonts

You can also use a custom or brand font in the header and body of your series. This font will display for all recipients' who have the font installed on their device.

  • Please note: If the custom font is not downloaded on the recipient's device, a default font will be used. 

Use this form to get request your custom font.  If you have any questions, reach out to

Once your font is added, you will receive an email notification. If you are not seeing the font come through, you may need to download the font on your device and add it to your font book. 

Custom footers

You can add a custom footer, including text and links to social media. 

💡How it works: 

  • Navigate to “Series settings” then “Footer” scroll down and toggle footer on. 
  • Select the social media icons that you would like to appear and insert the links for each. If you do not want to include icons, proceed to the next step. 
  • Insert the text you would like in your footer. You can bold, italicize, and hyperlink any text. Hit “Enter” on your keyboard to create space between lines of text. 
  • Use the “Live preview” section to test your links and preview exactly how it will look in your email. 

Send a test to yourself to confirm and see your footer in action ✅

Footer FAQs

Can you move the location of the social media icons?

Not at this time. If this is something you would like to see, leave your feedback here. 

Can we have text displayed above the social media icons?

Not at this time. If this is something you would like to see, leave your feedback here. 

Can we change the footer font?

Not at this time. If this is something you would like to see, leave your feedback here. 

The icon that I want is not listed, can you add it? 

The icons are hardcoded. Email and we’ll see if there is anything we can do. 


We're here to help you navigate the Premium feature suite and use it to make your comms more engaging!

  • Reach out to your Account Manager or send us a note if you have any questions.