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Using HQ's generative AI feature suite

Smart — and responsible — AI-powered writing help


Generative AI is your new assistant. Axios HQ helps you harness its power and put it to work to help make your writing process easier and more effective.

  • Why it matters: Powered by OpenAI GPT-3, Axios HQ's AI-powered features make it faster and easier for you to identify, communicate, and elevate what is essential to your staff and stakeholders — helping you go from more of a writer to an editor along the way.

AI that's powerful and productive

Axios HQ is your communication superpower. Use our AI-powered features to help you brainstorm, summarize, style, tone check, and translate your workplace communications — so you never have to stare at a blank page again.

Safe and responsible

We’ve incorporated the AI technology into the platform in clear, safe, and intentional ways. The new features are:

  • Secure. Your information is protected inside Axios HQ. We have OpenAI-powered features, but we do not allow OpenAI to use your content to train its technology.

  • Empowering. AI will never replace critical thinking. But HQ's AI-powered features can hammer out an idea, a draft, or even an image — so you can focus on improving it.

  • Sensitive. Internal comms hold some of your most sensitive updates. Our Q&A features will never surface details to someone who does not already have access to them.

Axios HQ's AI-powered features

1. Brainstorm

Turn any topic into an outline. If you have an idea for your next update, but you don't know where to start, Brainstorm can suggest a structure.

🪄 Pop into an HQ edition and select the magic wand on the left side of your editor. Then pick Brainstorm.

  • Type the topic or kind of update you’re trying to write. HQ will share a list of ideas you can copy and paste into a card to help you get started.

2. Smart Brevify

Transform any text into Smart Brevity. Whether you're reading an article, pulling out key points from a report, or consolidating a series of updates, Smart Brevify can scan each one, elevate what’s essential, and trim what isn’t.

🪄 Open an edition and click the magic wand on the left side of your editor. Then pick Smart Brevify.

  • Paste your text into the the box that’s waiting for you, and HQ will create a card for you — including a headline, lede, and why it matters.

3. Q&A

HQ is your system of record. Use the Q&A Feature to revisit any of the details you've told your audience before, and reuse them whenever the team could use a refresher.

🪄 Inside an edition, select the content archive icon on the left side of your workspace. Then click the Q&A tab.

  • In the search bar, ask HQ any question about the topics and details you’ve covered in this communication before. It will give you an answer and show you the editions where you discussed it.
  • The more specific you get — like adding a date or other crystallizing detail — the more customized the response will be!

4. Smart Axioms

HQ can recommend the types of details that could or should come next in your update, with Axiom suggestions. Or tap into our Smart Axioms and let HQ propose a rough draft of that paragraph for you.

🪄 In your edition
, start writing in a card. HQ will suggest the best-fitting Axiom for your next paragraph to guide you while you go.

  • If you’re not sure what to say, select the Axiom dropdown from your toolbar and click the magic wand next to the Axiom you’re after. HQ will write the next few sentences for you.

5. Tone variation

Create consistency across your HQ updates. You can quickly adjust tone in any message so that every send sounds exactly how you intend it to — with smart, inclusive language at the forefront.

🪄 Jump into the editor and select the magic wand on the left side of your editor. Then pick Tone variation.

  • Paste your text into the the box that’s waiting for you. Pick a tone from the drop-down menu, or select “Other” and write in the tone you want. HQ will then revise your copy to match.

6. Translation

Write like your audience speaks. Whether you're reaching a global workforce or a local, multilingual audience, HQ uses OpenAI technology to help you translate your message. 

🪄 Open up an edition and select the magic wand on the left side of your editor. Then pick Translation.

  • Paste your text, in English, into the the box that’s waiting for you and select a language from the drop-down menu. HQ will tap OpenAI technology to translate your text.

7. Image generator

Strong visuals lead to strong engagement. With OpenAI's DALL-E 2, you can create completely original in your HQ image library.

🪄 Open HQ’s image library and then click “Image generator.”

  • Write a descriptive prompt for the image you’d like to create and — using OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 — HQ will generate a few options. Let them add a little flair and visual intrigue to your next update.

And this is just the beginning! We’re continuing to invest in finding new ways AI can smartly — and responsibly — improve your writing process.

  • Want a walk through of these features, or to share more ideas of what you'd like to see next? Reach out to your Account Manager or email help@axioshq.com with any questions!