Integrations Resources for IT

Technical information and links to corresponding to assist your IT teams with implementing integrations.


Spam filters are sensitive and particular, but there are a few basic steps that we recommend you and your IT team take before your first send from Axios HQ to help ensure your edition land in your audience’s inboxes!

CRM Sync

Setting up a CRM sync allows you to bring in your current contact lists and sync them to Axios HQ. As your email lists change, you won’t have to worry about updating your audience to match in Axios HQ, because everything will be automatic!

Custom Domain

By default, all series sent through Axios HQ come from our email address, Setting up a custom domain allows you to decide what email address your series will send from. This makes your messaging friendlier, lets you stay on-brand, and gives your audience confidence that your communications are coming from you!

Directory Sync

Our directory sync integration will enable you to sync your internal distribution lists with Axios HQ. This will allow you to send your recipient lists editions that are engaging, succinct, and intentional in their design. As your internal distribution lists change, the updates will automatically be reflected on Axios HQ. No need to worry about manual updates!


SSO is an authentication that allows a user — someone who will write, edit, or send your series — to log in with just their email address and the click of a button. No password necessary! Implementing this method allows for an easy sign on for employees with particular credentials, and provides security when off-boarding those you no longer wish to have access.

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