Using CRM Sync to keep your audience up-to-date

Connect your CRM audience lists directly to HQ

Our one-way CRM sync connects your HQ series with your CRM contact lists – keeping your audience ways up-to-date, without the manual lift.

CRMs we support:

  • HubSpot 
  • Salesforce

We are working on supporting other CRMs. If you are interested in a different CRM, leave feedback here or email


💡How it works: 

  • Once your CRM is synced, navigate to the Audience page
  • Select ‘Manage Recipients’ > ‘Manage from CRM’ 
  • Select the recipient list you would like to use and hit ‘Update audience’ ✅

Your CRM recipients will update once every 24 hours.

Recipients will sync to HQ in one of the following ways: 

  • All contacts - individuals, unaffiliated with a group
  • All companies - segments based on the company they are part of
  • All industries - segments based on their industry
  • All contact list - segments based on your custom lists, developed in your CRM

CRM sync permissions

  • Permissions in the platform are currently managed alongside our directory sync integration. Give HQ collaborators access to the CRM connection by giving them directory sync access when adding new collaborators for the first time.
  • Want to adjust existing permissions? Reach out to the owner or admin of your org to change your permissions. If you need contact information for your owner or admin, reach out to your account manager, or contact us at


Will you support other CRM connections?

Yes, we are looking into other CRMs. If you have one in mind, reach out to us at or leave feedback here

Does HQ support two-way CRM sync? 

No, not at this time. We only support one-way CRM sync – from your CRM into Axios HQ.

Can we sync our directory and CRM? 

Yes, you can have both connected. If you would like to set up one or both of these, let your Account Manager know or reach out to

Do all organizations have access to CRM sync? 

CRM sync is only available to Premium customers. If you are interested in exploring our premium package, let your Account Manager know or reach out to

How do we set up CRM sync?

Reach out to your Account Manager or and we will work with your team to get your CRM sync set up.