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Ensure your emails are delivered with allowlists

Implementing allowlisting

Spam filters are sensitive and particular, but there are a few basic steps that we recommend you and your IT team take before your first send from Axios HQ to help ensure your newsletters land in your audience’s inboxes!

For Internal Sends

To implement allowlisting, we’ll share the IP addresses we send from, as well as certain domains, with suggestions on what to safe-sender. While allowlisting is optional, it is highly recommended as this will be the easiest way to guarantee your newsletters don’t get caught up in spam folders.

For External Sends

Unlike an internal audience, where every employee would be covered under the same allowlist-umbrella, an external audience is full of individuals with different email clients and settings.
If you’re planning to use Axios HQ to send updates outside of your organization, we highly recommend some additional steps:
  • Send from an email address your audience will recognize by setting up a custom domain with Axios HQ! By default, all HQ newsletters send from our basic address noreply@axioshq.com, but we can customize this to match your organization.
  • Whatever email address you choose to send from, encourage your audience to safe-sender it: if their inbox recognizes the incoming email, it is less likely to end up in spam
There are other best practices to avoid spam too, with more always popping up. If you feel your newsletters aren't reaching your audience, contact Axios HQ support and we'll do our best to help you figure out why!