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Importing an existing audience to HQ

You can to add your audience individually or via CSV import.

Navigate to your Audience page. In the upper right corner, you’ll see options to “Add individuals” and “Manage recipients.”



Selecting “Add individuals” will display a pop-up asking for your recipient’s full name and email address. You can add as many recipients as you’d like!

Import from CSV

You can also upload your audience from a CSV by selecting “Import CSV” from the “Manage recipients” dropdown menu. Make sure to follow the instructions on the pop-up. When uploading a CSV, you have the option between adding to your existing audience list or overwriting it.


audience checkbox

You can also download your existing recipient list by selecting “Export CSV” from the dropdown menu in order to save your current audience members.

Can I upload a CSV with just emails, not including recipients’ names?

Yes. You still need to include the “Full Name” header in your CSV, but you can leave the column blank if do not want to save names for your audience.

Why won’t my CSV upload?

If your CSV fails to upload, please double check your column format. The first column should have a “Name” header, the second column an “Email” header, and optionally, a third column with a “Segments” header.

Your CSV may also fail to upload if it’s larger than 10 MB. If you are not using segments and your CSV contains only name and email data, you will likely be able to upload upwards of 100k recipients.

  • If you are using segments, or have an even larger audience, you can split your CSV into multiple files and upload incrementally. Just make sure that you haven’t checked the box to overwrite your existing audience!

My CSV upload is showing errors for emails that I know are fine. Why can’t I upload these emails to my audience?

First and foremost, double check the spelling and format. Axios HQ flags emails that are invalid.


If the emails are truly correct but still erroring, make sure that the file has been saved with “UTF-8 encoding.” This is usually standard, but sometimes files can be saved differently, depending on where they’re exported from. You can find instructions on how to save a CSV file in UTF-8 encoding here.

The last way to add audience members is by syncing your directory. Set up a Directory Sync integration by contacting your account manager. Find out more about this technical feature here.