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How to name & design your newsletter

Customize the look and feel of your newsletter

Head over to the Settings page. Here, you can decide how you'd like your newsletter to appear when it reaches your audience’s inboxes. Customize who your email is sending from and written by, as well as what colors appear in the intro card or what logos top your send. 


Title and byline

Your newsletter title will appear in your Workspace, as well as at the top of each newsletter you send. The byline indicates who wrote the newsletter and appears in every edition’s intro card. Editing your title or byline will be applied to all future drafts.

Newsletter sender

The sender name is the name that appears in your recipients’ inboxes. The reply-to email address is the address at which you will receive replies to your newsletter. You must set one.

The reply-to email address will also serve as the sender email address if you have set up a custom domain with Axios HQ. If you do not have a custom domain set up, your recipients will see your newsletter has been sent from our generic noreply@axioshq.com.

If you’d like to set up a custom domain with Axios HQ, reach out to your account manager! You can check out a short explanation on our Custom Domain integration here.


Decide whether or not to include a reactions card. This gives readers the ability to leave feedback in the form of a thumbs up / thumbs down button, with optional comments.


You can set the color for your newsletter, used for the title and block quotes.


We offer two font options: Arial (sans-serif) and Georgia (serif). On the Settings page, you can select between them for the header and body of your newsletter. In our Smart Brevity research, we’ve found these fonts to be the least distracting and most effective for getting your point across. Additionally, not every browser or device supports all fonts; many fall back to Arial and Georgia when rendering an unsupported font.


You have the option to upload either a logo or a banner to your newsletter. A banner sits above the title of your newsletter and spans the width of the column, while a logo is smaller and goes in the upper left corner of the title. Use the “Preview newsletter” button to checkout what your title and byline look like with the fonts, color, and banner or logo that you chose.

To turn off Axios HQ branding, please contact your account manager or email help@axioshq.com.

Subscribe/Unsubscribe links

You can enable a subscribe link for your newsletter under the General tab on your Settings page. Just turn on the “Newsletter sign-up” toggle, then click the button to copy the shareable link. Anyone who opts in will be added to your audience in Axios HQ.

To add an unsubscribe link to your newsletter, please contact your Axios HQ account manager or email help@axioshq.com.