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Using private links to boost security

View your series on the web — safely — with private links.


Private links allow readers to safely share or request access to HQ content, and web-based engagement analytics.

How it works 💡

Setting link access

  • Under your “Series Settings,” navigate to the “Link Access” section. Senders on the series, org Admins, and org Owners can set link access.
  • There are three types of link access: Recipients only, Recipients and current audience, and Anyone with the link.
  • By default, all series will be set to ‘Recipients only’. 
  • If an existing series had public links enabled it will inherit ‘Anyone with the link’ access.

Copying a link

  • After sending an edition, the confirmation pop up will appear. 
  • Click “Copy Link” on the bottom right of the pop up. 
  • To confirm what type of link access is enabled hover over the gray circle on the right of “Copy Link.” 
  • You can also copy the link by going to the “Sent” tab > Selecting the three-dot-menu > Clicking “Copy edition link.”
  • Recipients will be able to open the link from the sent edition in their inbox by selecting “View in browser” at the top of the edition above the first card.

Logging in to view a private link

  • The first time you select a private link on your device, it will prompt you to log in. You will need to enter the same email address at which you received the edition. 
  • Once the email is entered select “Send me a link” and go to your email inbox
  • You will receive an email that includes a link to log in that you will  have to open on the same device and browser that the link was requested from
  • After you log in, you will either be able to see the edition or card on a web page. If you do not have access to the link, an error message will appear. 
  • Once you login, you will stay logged in for 45 days on that device and browser.

Logging in with Google or Microsoft

  • Google and Microsoft users can select "Continue with Google or Microsoft," then select the associated account and start reading!Zight Recording 2024-04-24 at 01.22.31 PM

Viewing a private link

  • Once you are on the web page, you will be able to read the edition or card
  • Clicking on the card’s headline will take you to that card’s page 
  • Log out of the private web page by clicking on the circle with your first initial in the top right corner

Viewing web analytics 

  • Private links record two additional metrics: Web views and time on web
  • Navigate to analytics by going to “Sent” > “View Report”
  • “Total web views” andAverage time on web” will appear at the top right in the “Web” section
  • Individual web views and time on web appear in the table of the Individuals tab
  • Web analytics data takes between 5-10 minutes to populate
  • You will be able to see who’s been granted access to the link via “Delivery status”


How long does the link I click to log in work for?

The link to log in will be valid for 3 days. After, it’ll expire and you’ll need to submit your email again to get another log in link

How long do I stay logged in for?

You’ll stay logged in for 45 days on that device and browser. If you visit HQ within 45 days, we’ll refresh your access. You’ll only need to log in again if you don’t visit HQ within 45 days.

Are there other ways for me to log in to HQ to read content on the web?

At this time, we’re only supporting the “link in your email” flow explained above. 

Can I answer a poll or submit feedback from a private link?

Not at this time. 

What should I do if I did not receive the email with the private link?

Check your spam, clutter, and junk folders. Add noreply@axioshq.com to your safe sender list or contacts and send the link again. If you are still not receiving the email, reach out to help@axioshq.com.   

Can I request to get added as an HQ collaborator from a private link?

Not at this time. 

What’s the difference between public link analytics and private link analytics?

Private links allow collaborators to identify the specific recipients who have viewed and spent time on a page, so collaborators see different analytics for private links than they do with public links.

How do private links for cards work?

They work the same as edition links! The only difference should be that you can navigate back to an edition from a card link. 

Why did I receive a "request to read" email?

The "request to read" email indicates that someone who is not a recipient on the original send is requesting to read the edition via private link. If you do not want to grant the person access, you can disregard the email. If you would like to, hit the "grant access" button to allow them to view. 


Have any questions or feedback? 

Feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or help@axioshq.com with any questions. You can also submit feedback directly to our Product team here