Exporting your edition

Ways to share your edition beyond email


Exporting to PDF

You can only download sent editions as PDFs. Under your Sent tab, use the three dots on the right-hand side to select “Export PDF.”

Exporting to HTML

Please contact your Axios HQ account manager or email help@axioshq.com to turn on this feature. Once enabled, you will see “Export to HTML” show up as on your “Send options” dropdown menu in the editor or as option next to exporting to PDF on your sent editions.

HTML exports and formatting

Third-party platforms handle HTML and CSS differently, depending on their rendering engines. While this happens outside of Axios HQ software, there are some tips for maintaining your series formatting in HTML exports:

  • If you can, import the HTML file directly into the program you are sending from, rather than copy-and-pasting in the code or the rendered HTML that opens in your browser.
  • We do not recommend editing the code, as that can lead to accidental typos which can alter the rendering.
  • Certain characters have been known to appear strangely when passed through other rendering engines. We recommend checking how your quotations, em-dashes, apostrophes and emojis render. You can test all of these with our “Your first send” template in the Community Templates.

If you are sending through Outlook, Outlook 365 has hidden the function to import HTML files, but you can still make accessing it easy:

  1. In a new email message, click on File > Options > Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. Add the “Attach File” command. (Important note: Outlook also has a “Attach File...” command, which is the one built into the toolbar, but you want the one without the ellipsis.)
  3. This will add a paperclip icon to Quick Access Toolbar at the top of your Outlook messages, which you can use to browse your files.
  4. Select your HTML file and instead of clicking “Insert,” use the dropdown to select “Insert as Text.”

This will render your HQ series in your Outlook email with its styling intact.

Shareable Links

There are three different types of link access: recipients only, recipients and current audience, and anyone with the link. Visit this article for further information on private links.