Other Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do the emojis in my newsletter look different from the ones I chose?

Different operating systems render emojis differently! Depending on the type of device you are using to view your newsletter, emojis may look different or, in certain circumstances, unfortunately might not render at all.

  • For example, if you input a particular emoji on a Mac computer and then view your sent newsletter from a Windows operating system or on an Android phone, the design of the emoji might change.
  • Some newer emojis are actually encoded “under the hood” as two different emojis combined, and operating systems that don’t support these newer emojis will render them as two separate emojis. The woman running emoji, for example, will show up on devices that don’t support it as the person running emoji followed by the Venus symbol emoji.

This happens independent of Axios HQ software, and isn’t something we can alter.

Can I use HQ on my phone?

No. At the moment, the HQ platform is only supported for desktop use, and is optimized for Chrome.

Can I read my newsletter on my phone?

Yes. All email newsletters sent from HQ are mobile responsive and will render well on any device: phone, tablet, or computer.

My page/content isn’t loading. What can I do?

Please try a hard refresh of your browser: Cmd+Shift+R on Mac or Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows. Also make sure to clear any cookies in your browser (by going to Settings → Privacy & Security → Clear Browsing Data, in Chrome) and refresh the page.

If refreshing doesn’t help:

  • Your organization may be set to require SSO. If so, please select “Login with SSO” when accessing Axios HQ.
  • You may not have access to the newsletter you are trying to load. Contact your Axios HQ account manager to check your permissions and help you gain access.

Can I provide feedback or feature requests?

Yes! Please contact us at feedback@axioshq.com.