Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to our users’ most frequently asked questions

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Can I add an attachment to my email edition?

Not at this time. We recommend that you link out to your document. If your document can generate a link for example, a PDF link, you can hyperlink to the document. If you would have further questions or need assistance please reach out to

Do you have a mail merge feature/can we personalize each email?

Not at this time, but if you’d like us to consider it please submit this feedback via Canny.

Can we add a table or graph in an edition? 

Not at this time, but if you’d like us to consider it please submit this feedback via Canny. We recommend taking a screenshot of the table or graph and inserting the image. 

Can I add audio or video to an edition?

Embedding audio or videos are not currently possible as most email clients (Outlook, Gmail, etc.) do not support that. We suggest using a screenshot of the video as an image and hyperlinking out to wherever the video is hosted (e.g. the URL to the video on YouTube). View our tutorial here


My emails aren't being delivered/a recipient did not receive the email. 

Check your analytics to see if the email was delivered. If analytics is showing delivered, then it was caught in spam filters. Ask your IT team to check quarantine and release the email. 

Can I send an edition via SMS/Text Message?

No. At the moment, the HQ platform is only supported for desktop use, and is optimized for Chrome.

I’m not receiving my test sends. 

Your test send may be getting caught in quarantine by spam filters. Reach out to your IT team to have them check and release the email from quarantine. If your IT team is not seeing the email in quarantine. Reach out to us at or use in the in-app chat. 

How can I prevent my messages from going into the spam folder?

There are a few basic steps we recommend you and your IT team take to help ensure your editions land in your audience’s inboxes:

Who does my series look like it’s coming from when it’s sent?

By default, Axios HQ series send from, but you can customize this send from address by integrating with a custom domain

  • Sending from a recognizable email address makes your messaging friendlier, lets you stay on-brand, and gives your audience confidence that your editions are coming from you!
  • Please contact your Axios HQ account manager or to get set up with your custom domain.

You can also edit the sender name on the Settings page to set the name that will be attached to your series in recipients’ inboxes, regardless of the send from address.

Can an email edition be unsent? 

No, once an edition is sent it cannot be unsent or canceled.

Where do out of office replies or auto-replies go?

OOO replies and auto-replies from inboxes will go to the send-from email address. 

Where do bounced emails go?

Bounces will aggregate as analytics. It will not go back to an email address. 

Recipient Experience

Why do the emojis in my edition look different from the ones I chose?

Different operating systems render emojis differently! Depending on the type of device you are using to view your edition, emojis may look different or, in certain circumstances, unfortunately might not render at all.

  • For example, if you input a particular emoji on a Mac computer and then view your sent edition from a Windows operating system or on an Android phone, the design of the emoji might change.
  • Some newer emojis are actually encoded “under the hood” as two different emojis combined, and operating systems that don’t support these newer emojis will render them as two separate emojis. The woman running emoji, for example, will show up on devices that don’t support it as the person running emoji followed by the Venus symbol emoji.

This happens independent of Axios HQ software, and isn’t something we can alter.

Can I use HQ on my phone?

No. At the moment, the HQ platform is only supported for desktop use, and is optimized for Chrome.

Can I read my edition on my phone?

Yes. All email editions sent from HQ are mobile responsive and will render well on any device: phone, tablet, or computer.


My page/content isn’t loading. What can I do?

Please try a hard refresh of your browser: Cmd+Shift+R on Mac or Ctrl+Shift+R on Windows. Also make sure to clear any cookies in your browser (by going to Settings → Privacy & Security → Clear Browsing Data, in Chrome) and refresh the page.

If refreshing doesn’t help:

  • Your organization may be set to require SSO. If so, please select “Login with SSO” when accessing Axios HQ.
  • You may not have access to the series you are trying to load. Contact your Axios HQ account manager to check your permissions and help you gain access.

Why can't I see my series menu? 

 The secondary panel may be collapsed. To expand, navigate to the arrow in the bottom left corner. 

How do I add new users?

Owners, admins, and members with “invite user” permissions can add new users to your organization by navigating to the “Invite User” button on the bottom left of your workspace. For step by step instructions on adding new users visit this article


I can't log in.

Use the password reset flow to reset your account. If you are not receiving the reset email from Your email may be getting caught in your spam filters. If you are not receiving the password reset email, add to your email contacts or safe-sender list and try again. Don’t forget to check your spam or junk folders! If you are still not receiving the reset email, reach out to 

I keep trying to enter my password but I’m getting an error. 

Try a password reset even if you think your password is correct. Note: Axios HQ will temporarily lock your account after 10 failed password attempts, at which point you will need to wait 10 minutes before attempting to log in again. If you exceed 50 failures, your account will be permanently locked. Please reach out to our team at if your account has been locked.

Is there an Axios HQ app?

No, Axios HQ can only be accessed via web browser at

Can I provide feedback or feature requests?

Yes! You can submit your feedback directly to our Product team via Canny here