Inviting users and collaborators to HQ

Learn how to add colleagues to collaborate on your updates

There are two ways to invite others to your organization – as a user to your organization’s workspace or as a collaborator to a specific series. 

1. Inviting a new user to your organization in HQ

How to invite a new user to HQ: 

  • Select the ‘invite user’ icon in the bottom left corner of your workspace. 
  • Input the user’s name and email. The permission will default to ‘member’ unless you are an owner or admin.  Only owners and admins can change permission settings. 
  • Give the new user access to any series you would like them to be part of
  • Confirm by selecting ‘Add user’ ✅

The new user will receive an email prompting them to login to get started. 

Workspace Permissions

Owners and admins have access to:

  • Invite new users
  • Manage user roles and permissions, groups, and members of your synced directory
  • All series, editions, and templates in your organization.

Owners and admins can toggle individual members’ permissions to grant or revoke access to create a series, invite other users to the organization, and access directory sync.

Members can only access series that they’re specifically invited to. 

2. Inviting a user as a collaborator to a series

You can add unlimited collaborators to any series. Collaborators can either already exist within your organization or be brand new to Axios HQ. 

How to add a collaborator: 

  • Navigate to the collaborators tab on the left panel of your workspace. Make sure you are in the series that you would like to add the collaborator to. 
  • Select the ‘Add collaborator’ button. 
  • If the adding an existing user, search their name and add them. If they are new, input a valid email address and invite them to your org. 
  • Select their permission to either be a sender or a writer. 

If this is a new user, they will receive an email with their login credentials. If the user already has an account, the series will now be visible to them after they refresh their page.

Collaborator Permissions

By default, collaborators are added with Sender permissions.

Senders can edit series, send tests, and ultimately send the edition to its audience. 

  • Senders can adjust the permissions of other collaborators on the series.

Writers are more limited, and can edit and send test editions but cannot send to the full audience. 

  • Writers cannot adjust the permissions of other collaborators on the series. 
💡Learn more about roles and permissions here.

Have any questions or feedback? 

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