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Setting up your HQ account

Get started with Axios HQ.


If you’re interested in purchasing Axios HQ for your organization, let us know!

Our team will work with you to:

  • Introduce you to HQ, including our Smart Brevity guidance and analytics,
  • Discuss and explore use cases for you and your team,
  • Strategize on ways to write and send effective communications within your organization.

Our pricing is based on company size, so it can work for teams big and small. There’s no limit on seats or number of sends.

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After purchasing HQ for your organization, your account manager will set up your organization and account, and train your team on how to best use the platform.

  • Once you’re in the platform, you can create accounts for your colleagues by inviting them to collaborate with you. Or, if there’s anyone else in your organization who you’d like to get set up with HQ right away, reach out to your account manager.