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Get the most out of Smart Brevity® guidance

Learn about Smart Brevity® Guidance and how it will make your content smarter, briefer, and clearer.

Smart Brevity Guidance

Smart Brevity Guidance in Axios HQ combines Axios’ Smart Brevity expertise with machine learning to enable clear, more effective internal communication.

On each card within an edition, you will see a Smart Brevity Score that grades your card on how smart, brief, and clear it is. You will also get in-line tips that suggest ways to improve your content.


In-Line Suggestions

Using the vast collection of Axios’ journalism and our in-house Smart Brevity experts, we trained Smart Brevity models to recognize facets of Smart Brevity style. The models compare your content and useful context, such as text length, against Smart Brevity style, in order to provide timely recommendations.

  • Suggestion TypesDifferent types of suggestions include identifying where it makes sense to add axioms, shortening sentences with smart replacements, and employing strategic styling for ease of reading, including bolding and bullets.
  • Suggestion Actions – You can convert your content to the suggestion or mark it as helpful. If the suggestion is not something you’d like to incorporate, you can also dismiss it.


The Smart Brevity Score is generated by looking at multiple aspects of your card, including its length, readability, formatting and whether or not it includes visuals. Think of it as a high-level indication of whether your card has the basic components of Smart Brevity.

Your score will be triggered as soon as you’ve typed 10 words into a card. From then on, it will update as you add more content and modify formatting.

You can learn more about what goes into your Score by hovering over it in the Axios HQ Editor.

Headline & subject line help

Nothing will make or break your ability to pull readers in and keep them engaged more than your subject line and headlines.

Every card starts with a headline. You want your headline to inform your readers about the content of your card without being redundant.

  • Once your card has at least 100 words, HQ will start to suggest headline options for you based off what you’ve written.

  • As you continue to type, suggestions will change, to try to offer ideas that are as relevant to the card you’re writing as possible.

Subject line score: HQ will scan your subject line, offering a 0-100 strength score and some qualitative tips that make subject lines engaging.


Does Smart Brevity Guidance leverage AI?

Yes, the product offers AI-guided writing assistance. We use a combination of rules and machine learning-based models trained on Axios Media content to generate recommendations.

Is there bias in your models?

Our teams place an emphasis on creating responsible machine learning products. This includes careful problem design, employing technical methods to mitigate bias during development, continuous monitoring, and following practices recommended by the research community. This is an active area of research that we follow closely and eagerly.

Are you storing or training your models with any of my data?

No. Data is encrypted, and our personnel do not have access.

What happens when I dismiss or ignore a recommendation?

Dismissing a recommendation will hide the suggestion, and it will only reappear after a change to your text. We also use your feedback as a signal for how to improve Smart Brevity feedback.

How can I turn Smarty Brevity Guidance off?

If Smart Brevity Guidance becomes disruptive, you can pause your recommendations by using the toggle on the left side of the toolbar in the Editor. When you’re ready to start learning the best ways to improve your writing, you can easily flip it back on!

Can I provide feedback or feature requests? 

Yes! Please contact us at feedback@axioshq.com.