Viewing unsubscribed recipients and removing failed email recipients

Tips on how to view recipients who have unsubscribed to your series and how to remove recipients who are appearing as failed.

Viewing unsubscribed and unreachable recipients 

  • To view unsubscribed or unreachable recipients, navigate to the “Audience” tab. Under the "Status" column you will be able to see if they are unsubscribed, active, or unreachable. 
    • Unsubscribed: The recipient opted out of receiving the communications and will no longer receiver upcoming editions. 
    • Active: The recipient is a current audience member.
    • Unreachable: The recipients email is invalid or their email system is blocking them from receiving the editions. If you have confirmed that the email address is valid, please contact and we can take a closer look. 

  • To view the unsubscribed recipients via CSV, navigate to the "Audience" tab and select "Manage recipients" then "Export CSV."
  • The downloaded CSV will have an “Unsubscribe” column, where you can view the recipients who have unsubscribed from the specific series.

Removing failed email recipients

The “Delivery status” column in your Analytics is where you can find any failed deliveries.

  • Our system attempts multiple deliveries before it fails, so a contact may have bounces but no fails because it was successfully delivered after a few attempts. 

If you see failed deliveries, follow the steps below to remove failed emails from your audience list. 

How to remove multiple failed emails: 

  • Navigate to your sent edition analytics by going to “Sent” > “View report”
  • Select “Download analytics report”
  • Once your report is downloaded, filter the “Status: column to identify all of the failed deliveries
  • Delete the row of the recipients that failed
  • Now that you have a cleaned audience list, format your report in the audience CSV format by deleting all columns except Name, Email, and Segments. 
  • Save your new audience list as a CSV in UTF-8 format 

  • Upload your CSV in the “Audience” tab.
  • If you would like to clear the current audience, select the following box:


One of our recipients accidentally unsubscribed. Could you re-subscribe them?

Yes! Please email with the name of the series and proof of their request to be re-subscribed. 

My analytics download opens in an app different from yours. Will it still work?

Yes! The process will remain the same regardless of the sheet app you use. As long as you can identify and delete the failed email addresses and then save the sheet as a CSV to re-upload. 

One of our recipients is showing as unreachable and delivery failed but I know their email address is correct. Why aren’t they receiving our emails?

Reach out to with the email address that is showing unreachable and we can take a closer look!