Sending one-off communications

Quickly compose one-off messages that don’t fit in a series.


One-offs work very similar to sending out a series edition, only without much of the up-front series set-up work involved. Think of important one-time announcements or a quick note on breaking news that don’t need a full series treatment.


💡How it works: 

  • Open the One-offs tab in the left sidebar. 
  • Click into your “One-off settings” to set your preferences and add a logo or banner for these types of messages.
  • Optionally add any collaborators. They can access any of your drafts or sent editions until you remove them.
  • Click the “Create one-off” button to start building. Your draft will look stripped down compared to series editions — with no intro or outro cards. You can add intro and outro cards if desired. 
  • Open up the “Send” modal and choose your audience. You can select directory groups (if you have access to a connected directory), select an audience from an existing series, upload a CSV, and/or, type in manual email addresses in addition to those groups. Note: CSV uploads have a limit of 999 recipients. 
  • Hit send. You’ll be able to see the analytics for each one-off send in your “Sent” tab.

✅ Bask in that high open rate, you earned it.

💡 Pro-tip: Try adding in “To:” and “From:” fields at the top of your send for a more memo-like feel!

BasicSend is a type of One-off that appears in your inbox like a typical email but has the same analytics and Smart Brevity features. Click here to learn more about BasicSend. 


Who can see my one-offs? 

Admins and owners can see all drafts and sent one-offs. 

Do I need to set up an audience on my one-offs?

Nope! You will add your audience when you select the “Send” modal when you are ready to send. You have the option to add audience members via directory sync, an audience from an existing series, CSV upload, or manually add emails.

How many recipients can I upload via CSV for one-offs?

You can use a CSV upload for 100,000 recipients or less. 

What series features won’t be available for one-offs?

We’ll be working on bringing several familiar series features to one-offs in the 

future, however, at launch we won’t have: reader links, edition feedback, or audience sign-up/unsubscribe.

Can I add collaborators and assign cards/sections in my one-offs?

Yes, one-off sends have the same collaborator/assignment functionality as a series.

Will I still be able to see analytics for one-offs?

Yes, the analytics functionality is the same as a series. They will live in the “Sent” tab of your One-offs dashboard.

Can I add an intro and outro card to my one-off?

Yes! When first entering a one-off draft the intro and outro cards will be hidden but if you would like to add them, simply hover over the space above and below the initial card to add those in. 

Can I send a one-off to an audience list/segment from one of my existing series? 

You can send a one-off to an audience list from an existing series. However, you cannot send to an existing segment.

What format should the CSV file be in? 

You can use the same format as a CSV upload for a series audience or you use a CSV with one column of email addresses saved in UTF-8 format.  

Can I schedule a one-off send?

Yes! You can sent at a scheduled date and time. When you select the "Send" modal, hit "Schedule send" and input your send time and date. 


Have any questions or feedback? 

Feel free to reach out to your Account Manager or with any questions. You can also submit feedback directly to our Product team here