Using BasicSend to send messages with minimal styling

Send one-offs that appear like a typical email with the same analytics and Smart Brevity features you know and love.


BasicSend is a new BETA edition layout we're testing, available at this time for all users in One-offs. You can select what layout your new one-off is based from (i.e. Classic HQ Style or BasicSend), and proceed with writing and sending content as you would any other one-off edition.

💡How it works:

  • Create a basic send by visiting “One-offs” and selecting the “BasicSend” option from the drop down menu.
  • Editions created this way have “BasicSend” badges in the Workspace, Editor, and Send menus indicating their simpler-styled output.
  • Write your message as you would any other communication in HQ.
  • Send a test to yourself and other editors to review how your message will appear to your audience.
  • Set your audience and send your basic send one-off as you would normally.

Here’s how it will look: 


What is a BasicSend?

A BasicSend is an edition template selectable when creating a new One-off edition. This template will result in a sent edition which lands in inboxes without the classic HQ card styling.

Are BasidSends supported outside One-offs?

No - BasicSend may only be used in One-offs at this time. 

Will polls and buttons work?

Interactive elements like polls and buttons are supported but will appear in the message as lists of blue links.

Are custom fonts supported?


Can I create my own BasicSend style template?

Not at this time but is under consideration for the future based on feature traction and feedback.

What about intro/outro cards, card headlines, images, and custom colors?

All these elements are supported in BasicSend but will result in a simpler style in the actual sent message. Cards won’t come through to the end result and edition elements like the ‘Powered by HQ‘ branding will be absent. We encourage you to test send your content to confirm the style of your send meets your needs.

Are analytics the same for BasicSend one-offs?

Yes! Analytics will remain the same for BasicSend. 

Who can access the BasicSend feature?

It is a BETA edition layout that is available for all users in testing at this time.