Managing your recipients

Additional answers on how to manage your audience list

If I schedule a series to send and then update its audience, will the edition send to the updated audience?

Yes, your edition will go out to its audience list at the time of sending.

How can I send the same edition to different audiences?

There are three ways you can send your edition to multiple audiences:

  • You can use segments to send editions of your series to multiple groups within your audience list.
  • If you’d like to send your edition to completely separate group, you can duplicate editions into another series you have access to. In either the Drafts or Sent tab in your Workspace homepage, find the edition you’d like to duplicate, then click the three dots to the right of the edition and select the “Duplicate” button from the drop-down menu.
  • After sending an edition, you can navigate to the Sent tab and use the three dots to the right of the sent edition to select “Send again” to resend the edition to additional recipients beyond your original audience. This will not add these new recipients to your audience list.

Is there a subscribe feature?

Yes. You can enable a sign-up page for your series on the “General” tab of the Settings page. You can copy the generated link into the next edition of your series or share it on another platform to invite new readers to subscribe.

  • New recipients will be added to the Audience page, denoted by a ✉️ icon under the Source column.
  • Signed up recipients can be removed the same way as any other audience member: by clicking on the three dots on the right and selecting “Delete.”

Is there an unsubscribe feature?

Yes, if you have access to settings you can add an unsubscribe link to your series, navigate to settings > general. Then toggle the unsubscribe link on. 

One of my audience members accidentally unsubscribed from my series. Can I resubscribe them?

Please reach out to your Axios HQ account manager. We have the ability to resubscribe audience members to a series, but will need a copy of their written consent to do so.

Can I see what emails bounced?

Yes, you can see what emails bounced by downloading your analytics report under the “More analytics” section of your sent tab. We recommend removing these bounces from your audience list before your next send.