How to decide what to cover in your series

Write for the smart, curious core of your audience.

Picture someone in your audience. Ask yourself: What does my ideal reader need to be a more productive colleague? How can I make it more effective?

  • Focus on the seven key details that impact their day.
  • Eliminate what they know—recent updates or common sense.
  • Don’t dilute the crucial details they must see.
  • If you’re trustworthy, essential, and valuable, others will seek that information too.
  • Engagement radiates out.

All-staff updates are a common use for HQ series. They can be business-focused, covering goals, OKRs, wins, and department updates, or culture-focused, featuring employee or customer spotlights, event recaps, and organizational values.

Many organizations prioritize updates that:

  • Share new information and provide essential context.
  • Explain why something matters with authority and expertise.
  • Explore the collision of your key themes or strategic initiatives.
  • Can speak to insiders and intrigue outsiders.

The bottom line: Identify 3–4 priorities that reflect your core audience's interests to guide your decisions. Using the four mentioned, you'll focus on updates with lasting impact—information relevant tomorrow, next week, or next month, rather than fleeting news.

💬 Every team benefits from three key channels:

  1. Knowledge hubs: Platforms like Notion or your intranet that document team processes and workflows, used occasionally.
  2. Recurring email updates: Essential for keeping staff informed, executives updated on performance, and ensuring transparent access to information.
  3. "In the moment" messages: Tools like Slack or Teams for quick, short-lived communications, akin to tapping someone on the shoulder in person.

Use each one well, and readers will know where to find the information they need. This makes your weekly email update a trusted source for your team.

👀 According to eye-tracking studies, long walls of text in readers’ inboxes make them feel sad, and most close the email without reading anything.

  • Information must be sharp and interesting.
  • Presentation must be clear and scannable.

Still unsure what to cover in your series? We can help! 

Template Library 

Navigate to the “Templates” button on the far left menu panel to view HQ’s template library. Templates are fully written out editions – just swap out the details for your own! You also have the option of using just the template outline as a scaffold without any content to guide the structure and type of information you share.

Smart Outlines

Smart Outlines is a shortcut designed to help get your series up and running even more quickly with a personalized template based on your role and audience. The feature will set up your first edition by generating card topics and axioms based on your communication type.

Card Templates

While writing your edition, easily grab a card from the HQ card library, or generate a Smart Brevity card template from a prompt. Card templates will come with Axioms and writing prompts to get you started on your new card.

Series Templates

When creating a new series, choose a template from our most common series types: All-Staff, HR update, Sales Update, and Industry News and Updates. The template includes cards with example topics to discuss in each card.