Best practices for scaling HQ usage across your organization

Begin with one series, then grow.

Start small. Start with one or two use cases with lots of visibility—such as a regular recurring all-staff update—and grow from there.



Individual teams—such as Sales, HR, or Product—can leverage HQ to:

  • Keep everyone on the same page through a weekly series,
  • Let people digest essential information asynchronously,
  • Send updates back up the chain to keep leadership in the loop,
  • Create organization-wide transparency.

Asking a colleague to help build your series can get them comfortable with HQ, opening to the door to them spinning off their own series.

Share the HQ Playbook. Designed to be a quick-start guide to understanding Axios HQ, download a copy of the playbook, update the red text with your org-specific details, and share with your teammates. They'll feel read-in on the platform and more ready to get started.

Lean on your HQ account manager! As you invite more of your organization onto the platform, we can run demos to introduce HQ to your new collaborators. We provide on-demand support tailored to your organizational needs.

Looking for more? Sign up for one of our monthly Smart Brevity® open houses or Level-up workshops to learn about HQ’s latest features and how to get the most out of them.