Axios HQ: Getting Started Guide

A step-by-step exercise to planning your HQ update

Welcome to your Getting Started Guide with Axios HQ. We’re so excited you are here!

To help you plan your next HQ update — or a whole new communication strategy — we designed a series of exercises to help you reflect on what you’re sending today and discover ways HQ can get you closer to your goals. By the end, you’ll have a blueprint for the first update you send through HQ!  

Let's dive in to each step in the journey to getting started:

  1. Reflect on mission, audience, and goals
  2. Audit your current communications
  3. Evaluate what your audience needs to know
  4. Consolidate your essential communications
  5. Create the essential updates your readers need
  6. Radiate your new — or improved — essential communication
  7. Re-evaluate your strategy for each communication

Go deeper: Click through the links above to explore each step, or jump to the guide most helpful to you.