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Creating a template

Design a custom template for any edition in your newsletter

Use custom templates to save as much or as little content as you would like to reuse in the future as your starting point for recurring communications so you don’t always have to start from a blank page.



To create a template, simply open a new draft in the Editor and add whatever text, images, and formatting you want to be available for future use — customize it however you’d like! Banners, logos, and title colors cannot be saved for a specific template. To have a unique banner, logo, or color for a particular send, create a new newsletter and update these elements in the Settings.

Once the content is all set, scroll to the top of the Editor and select the button with the paper-and-plus icon. A dialogue to Create a template will appear, and you’ll be able to save what you’ve created so that it is accessible and editable from the templates tab of your Workspace, or from the “Create edition” dropdown menu.

If you think other organizations could benefit from your template, feel free to submit it to the Axios HQ community library by checking this box while saving your template:

After your template is saved, you will see it as an option to use as a starting point when selecting “From template” from the “Create edition” dropdown menu in the upper right corner of your Workspace. You can edit, duplicate, or delete your template by navigating to Templates tab on your Workspace.