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Using your Content Archive

Access previous content to inspire your next update


The Content Archive feature makes it easy for you to access and use cards from your sent, scheduled, and drafted editions and add them to – or get inspiration for – your current edition.

How to access your Content Archive:

  • Navigate to the sheet of paper with a magnifying glass icon on the left side of the editor.
  • Choose the series you want to view by clicking the downward arrow next to the series name.
  • To see cards from your drafts and scheduled editions, check the box labeled "Show drafts and scheduled editions."
  • Once you've selected the series, pick the specific edition you’d like to view, and click the drop down arrow to expand and see all the individual cards within it.

To copy a Content Archive card into your working edition:

  • Simply select the card you want to use, click on the six dots, and drag the card over to the edition you are currently working on.

Pro-tip: Want to use cards from an HQ template? 

  • Go to the template library and choose 'Use full template.' 
  • The template will then appear in your drafts, allowing you to copy the card using the instructions mentioned above

Have any questions or want to dive deeper?

  • Reach out to your Account Manager or send us a note if you have any questions.