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Using assignments to crowdsource your content

Easily collaborate with your team members by using assignments.



Assignments allow you and your team to manage who still needs to write/edit an edition or card before it’s ready to be sent.

  • Use assignments to notify other collaborators via email when you are ready for their contribution and get insight into which assignments are complete and which are still outstanding.
You can manage your assignments — and leave comments — by using the comment bubble icon. 


To assign a card to a collaborator:

  • Navigate to the comment bubble with the plus sign icon located on the top right of the card
  • Tag the collaborator in the comment by using @name select ‘assign to collaborator.’ In this pop-up you can also leave a comment and set a due date. 

  • Once the comment is sent, the assignee will receive an email and the comment will be displayed on the right side of your editor. This is where you and the assignee can dialogue directly in the comment thread.  

Pro tip: You can also assign a specific section of a card by using the comment feature. Simply highlight the text and select the comment button and use the steps above to assign the specific section. 

Actions on Assignments

Once assigned, users can click on the assignment comment and use the three-dots in the assignment to:

  • Remind other collaborators of their assignment
  • Mark the assignment as complete
  • Copy link to specific assignment
  • Delete the assignment

Users can also mark an assignment as complete by selecting the check mark on the assignment comment. 

Resolved Assignments

You will receive an email once an assignment has been marked complete. 

To view completed assignments in the editor:

  • Select the specific card 
  • Navigate to the comment bubble on the far right panel
  • Click on the drop down arrow > next to "Resolved"


You can add a user to approve the edition by selecting the person icon in the top right. They will receive an email notification to review the edition. Once approved, they can mark it as complete. 


How do I add someone as an editor of my series?

On the Settings page, scroll down to your list of collaborators and click “Add collaborator.” If this is a new user, they will receive an email with their login credentials. If the user already has an account, the series will now be visible to them after they refresh their page.

Can I create an assignment for someone who is in my organization but not a collaborator on this series?

Yes. Creating an assignment for someone in your organization with an active Axios HQ account automatically adds them as a collaborator on the relevant series.

Can I create an assignment for someone not in my organization?

No. You can only create assignments for members of your organization. If you want to assign someone not in your organization, you must add them to your organization first. You can quickly do so by adding them as a collaborator on the current series.

Who can remind assignees, mark assignments as completed, and delete an assignment?

Any collaborator on a series can remind assignees, mark any assignments as complete, or delete an assignment for an edition or card in that series.

If I @-mention someone in a comment, will they be notified?

Yes! They’ll get an email notification with a preview of the comment message with a link directly to view the comment.

What about assignments I use as part of a routine?

If you’ve already set up a routine with assignments, no work is required. The assignments will work the same as before.

If you want to set up a new routine that leverages assignments, you still have the same two ways of doing that:

  • Create a template, create assignments on the cards you want assigned, and build a routine around that template.
  • Build a routine off of the last send and check the box that says “Duplicate assignments”

Can I create an assignment for someone who is in my organization but not a collaborator on this series?

Yes, you will need to @ + type in their full email address. This will add them and tag them.

Can I still leave a regular comment? 

Yes! You can leave a comment the same way as before without tagging anyone. Tagging someone and assigning it to a collaborator creates the assignment.

Can I provide feedback or feature requests? 

Yes! You can now submit feedback or feature requests directly to our product team here! Create a login with the email you use in Axios HQ.